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At long last we’ve published our new and improved web site! Featuring a revamped, mobile-friendly interface, more dynamic content, and plenty of room for expansion in WordPress we hope this new site makes your navigating experience a pleasant one.

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is designed to maintain your healthy teeth and gums, while making the process less stressful (comfort dentistry) and your appearance more natural with tooth-colored fillings and sealants. Preserve your pearly whites with mouth and night guards to prevent tooth loss when grinding and breakage when playing sports.

Dental Cleanings & Gum Treatments
Regular dental visits are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, ideally every 6 months.
Dental Fillings & Sealants
Dental fillings & sealants match the natural white color of your teeth, unlike silver amalgam fillings.
Comfort Dentistry
Anxious about going to the dentist? Relax, we’ve got you covered with two kinds of sedation.
Despite our best efforts, sometimes extraction is the only option. We’ll make the process as painless as possible.
Emergency Dentistry
You hope you never need emergency dentistry, but when you do, you need it now. Give us a call.
Mouth Guards
Protect your pearly whites when competing in active sports with our custom mouth guards.
Night Guards
Bruxism or grinding your teeth mainly at night can wear down your teeth and cause alignment problems and headaches. Prevent wear on your teeth with a custom night guard.

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