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I’m anxious about dental visits. How can you help me?

Our Crown Point, IN dentists understand that it’s common to experience anxiety about dental visits. It might help to know that dentistry has advanced significantly in recent years. Modern anesthetics, updated technology, and dental sedation now make appointments more comfortable than ever before.

Steps We Take to Minimize Dental Anxiety

Take a look at all we do to help relieve your anxiety and help you get the quality dentistry you need.

We Keep You Informed About Your Treatment

We also realize that a lot of dental anxiety stems from a fear of the unknown. Starting with your treatment plan, we make you part of the process. Feeling fully informed and knowing what to expect can go a long way toward helping you feel confident and comfortable at your appointments.

We Work to Understand Your Dental Anxiety

It’s also important for us to understand the source of your fear. If it’s based on a past dental experience, we’ll make sure to avoid the triggers that sparked your anxiety in the first place. The goal is to create a calm and comfortable environment for you, where you can receive quality dentistry without fear or anxiety.

We Offer Sedation Dentistry

We’re also pleased to offer dental sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral conscious sedation. Nitrous oxide produces pleasant, relaxing effects that last only as long as your procedure. Oral conscious sedation involves taking a sedative with longer-lasting effects and is perfect for those who need deeper relaxation.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Crown Point, IN Dental Office

Dr. Rita and Dr. Paul would love to welcome you to Beacon Hill Dental and put your worries about dental treatment to rest. Please call us at (219) 750-1150 to schedule an appointment so we can help you take back your oral health

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