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What are dental implants?

Dental implants permanently replace missing tooth roots and restore oral function and health. Think of a tooth like a fence post that's embedded in the ground. If the fence post loosens or dislodges, debris can enter the hole where the fence post once stood.

The hole can even cave in and crumble because there's nothing to fill in that space. With a missing fence post, the entire fence line is compromised and doesn't serve its ultimate purpose. 

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

A tooth is similar in this way. When you lose a tooth, the mouth can't work to its fullest potential. Also, the gums and tooth roots are susceptible to gum disease, infection, and other issues.

However, a dental implant replaces the tooth down to the jawbone so you can once again enjoy a healthy, long-lasting smile. 

A dental implant includes a tiny titanium post your dentist surgically places in the jaw, an abutment (connector), and a restoration. The restoration is the tooth's visible part and can be a single crown, dental bridge, or denture

Dental Implants in Crown Point, IN

With a dental implant, you can enjoy a mouth that's fully functional that mimics the chewing forces of natural teeth. Also, dental implants look and feel like natural teeth because they become a part of your mouth's anatomy. 

Please contact us today about dental implants in Crown Point, IN, if you want a permanent tooth replacement. 

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