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How long can you keep your teeth with periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is characterized by its chronic nature. In addition, because its origin is from a proliferation of plaque-causing bacteria, this condition is progressive by nature. This means that advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, will significantly threaten your teeth and, even worse, is irreversible. With gum disease, you won’t keep your teeth for long. In fact, unlike tooth decay which impacts your smile one tooth at a time, periodontitis can cause you to lose multiple, if not all, teeth at once.

Gum disease starts small as a mild form called gingivitis. Gingivitis is painless in most cases, though you may treat it at home with a faithful and thorough brushing and flossing routine and by minimizing sugary drinks and foods containing more acidic compounds which erode gum tissue, making it more receptive to infection.

Periodontal Disease in Crown Point, IN, is Reversible When Treated Promptly

Along with your at-home care, when you visit your Crown Point dentist for regular check-ups, we can uncover potential gum disease and help you treat it. Our professional cleaning procedures carefully and gently remove plaque accumulations from your teeth but also between your teeth in areas where bacteria may find refuge from your daily brushing. These areas may form pockets in your gums, creating numerous locations for infection to progress. We can address those areas so that your gums may recover.

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