Tooth-Colored Fillings in Crown Point, IN

family at the dentist in crown pointHave you ever had a cavity and gone to the dentist for a tooth filling? Most adults have at some point in our lives, and tooth decay is one of the world’s leading health problems. 

At our Crown Point dental office, we focus on reversing this trend. We offer preventive dentistry and patient education to help you understand your oral health needs. If you do develop a cavity, we offer durable, realistic-looking tooth-colored fillings to protect your smile.

Tooth-colored composite fillings allow us to create a tooth repair that leaves more of your healthy tooth structure intact. Since the filling material looks similar to dental enamel, we can custom shade it to match your tooth color for a seamless, long-lasting repair.

Because we believe in providing our patients with the highest standard of dental care, all our fillings are expertly placed by our experienced dentists.

Of course, it would obviously be better for your oral health if you never developed a cavity in the first place! Learn the risk factors so you can take steps on your own to prevent tooth decay.

Risk Factors for Cavities

Here are several factors that put you at higher risk for developing tooth decay and how you can change them.

Correct Poor Oral Hygiene Habits

Be sure to brush at least twice a day and floss once to remove cavity-causing plaque from building up on your teeth. Schedule teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist every six months or as recommended. If you need to refresh your brushing and flossing skills, they will be happy to give you helpful tips.

Limit Foods and Drinks High in Acids or Sweets

Start by limiting your family’s consumption of both acids and sweets. Sweets start a chain reaction in your mouth, creating acid that eats away at tooth enamel. Be especially aware of fruit juices, soft drinks, and energy drinks containing high amounts of both sweets and acid. 

Work with Your Genetics 

You can’t change your genetics, but knowing you’re at greater risk allows you to be aware and proactive in preventing cavities from developing at all. Your Crown Point dentist would be happy to discuss what this means in your case and suggest further steps you can take to protect your smile.

Avoid Dry Mouth

tooth colored fillings in crown pointSaliva is “nature’s toothbrush” because it helps rinse cavity-causing bacteria and food particles from your mouth. Tobacco use, certain prescription medications, alcohol, and medical conditions can all contribute to dry mouth. Avoid as many of these as you can, rinse your mouth with water frequently throughout your day, and ask your dentist for other helpful tips to avoid dry mouth.

Check Old, Worn Dental Work

Old crowns, worn fillings, and other dental work can allow bacteria to enter a tooth and cause a new cavity. Be sure to keep up with your six-month checkups, so your dentist can check all your old dental work to make sure it’s in good shape.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam

If you think you have a cavity and need a tooth filling, call our Crown Point dental office to schedule an appointment so we can help you!