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At Beacon Hill Dental, we offer leading-edge technology because it improves many aspects of your dental care and experience. Whenever we invest in new equipment, it is because it will benefit your treatment in some way. New technology must pass the test of improving your comfort, streamlining your dental treatment, or keeping you informed about your oral health needs. 

Please take a moment to browse through our current technology and discover the many benefits it offers. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our Crown Hill, IN dental office!

Digital Impressions

Most of us remember having impressions taken when getting a dental crown, bridge, or veneer. Dental impressions are a necessary part of restorative dentistry, but the days of sitting and waiting for a mouthful of messy impression paste to set are coming to an end.

Digital impressions take moments to produce, and the process is as easy as moving a small digital scanner over your teeth. The results are transmitted instantly to specialized software, where our dentists use them to carefully design your new dental restoration.

The benefit to you is a more comfortable experience at the dental office and a durable custom-designed tooth restoration that blends seamlessly with your smile.

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Digital X-Rays & Digital Sensors

At Beacon Hill Dental, your safety and well-being are our highest priorities. It is for this reason that we use low-dose digital x-rays that produce up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional film radiographs.

Instead of using film cassettes, x-ray images are converted to digital data, making them available for analysis within seconds. The technical process probably isn’t as important to you as the many benefits that digital x-rays offer:

  • Reduced radiation exposure for your family
  • Improved comfort using flat digital sensors instead of bulky film clips
  • Early detection of cavities and gum disease with highly-detailed images 
  • Immediately available to share with you on your chairside monitor
  • Stored securely in your digital patient record for quick access
  • Easy to share electronically with specialists and insurance companies
  • No chemicals involved, so they are safe for our planet

One of the most valuable benefits is sharing x-ray images with you to include you in the process. Our dentists have found that visualizing a problem like a cavity empowers patients to make confident, informed decisions about the direction of their treatment. 

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Intraoral Cameras

Your six-month dental exams are invaluable, and we want you to get as much out of the process as possible. Intraoral cameras are small handheld digital cameras that our dentists use as part of every routine dental checkup. Unlike digital x-rays that produce a static image, intraoral cameras capture real-time images of your dental examination.

As we move the small camera around your mouth, the images are instantly transmitted to your chairside monitor. If you have ever wondered what your dentist is looking at when they perform an exam, now you know! 

Like digital x-rays, intraoral images are invaluable diagnostic tools for dentists. For patients, they are an excellent educational tool that brings you into the process and keeps you informed about your oral health.

By saving the still images to your digital patient record, we build a history of your dental health and can easily refer to them as needed.

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Electric Handpieces

Surveys report that one of the ten most dreaded things about visiting the dentist is the use of dental drills. We understand; the sound of a high-pitched air-driven drill is unnerving for many, whether or not you suffer from dental anxiety. And many people also dislike the uncomfortable vibrations the equipment produces.

At Beacon Hill Dental, we use electric handpieces because our goal is to eliminate every obstacle that stands between you and routine dental care. Electric handpieces are much quieter and also produce less vibration to minimize anxiety and ensure your comfort during dental procedures.

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CEREC Same-Visit Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) technology allows us to deliver beautiful crowns, bridges, and veneers in a single dental appointment! Traditional lab-fabricated crowns involve multiple appointments, wearing a temporary, and waiting 2-3 weeks to have the final restoration placed on your tooth. 

Thanks to CEREC, the entire design and fabrication process occurs at our office with no outside dental lab involved. We take digital impressions (no messy impression paste!), and CAD/CAM technology renders a 3-D image of the tooth and the restoration. Because we design the crown ourselves with no outside lab, our dentists have much greater control over the final product.

We send the design to specialized 3-D fabrication equipment in our office that mills your crown, bridge, or veneer out of a block of porcelain. The entire process takes 2-3 hours, and you will leave our office with your natural-looking restoration placed on your tooth.

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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide has been used safely in dentistry for over 100 years. It is mild, yet very effective at helping anxious or nervous patients relax during their dental procedures.

Also called laughing gas, we mix nitrous oxide with oxygen, and you inhale the mixture through a small breathing mask. The calming effects come on quickly, and in minutes, you will start to feel relaxed and comfortable, as the sights and sounds around you recede into the background.

You will be fully conscious and can communicate with your dental team at all times. They will monitor you throughout your procedure to ensure that you remain safe and comfortable.

When your procedure is finished, we turn off the nitrous and let you sit and inhale pure oxygen for several minutes to allow any drowsy effects to dissipate. By the time you leave our Crown Point dental office, you will feel refreshed and alert and able to drive yourself home.

Nitrous oxide is perfect for taking the edge off of your anxiety for any procedure, including dental cleanings! Because it is so mild, nitrous oxide is even safe for children.

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TVs in Treatment Rooms

There’s a lot to be said for distraction, especially at the dental office! We offer TVs in all our treatment rooms because entertainment provides a pleasant escape from the activity of the dental office. Choose your favorite news show or TV programming and relax while we work to keep your smile healthy.

Digital Records

In our effort to streamline your dental care and make the time you spend with us as productive as possible, all our patient records are digital. Your digital patient record includes your medical and dental history, as well as documentation of current or ongoing conditions with x-rays and intraoral images.

We value and respect your privacy, and all your information is stored securely on our in-house network. Digital records make it easy to share your information (with your permission) with specialists and insurance providers as needed.

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